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    12 Ways to Jumpstart Your Acting Career

    If you’re an aspiring actor, the thought of breaking into the business and becoming part of a groundbreaking film or TV show probably makes you dream about the day you ditch your day job to walk the red carpet. But if you have zero experience, you may have no idea how to even begin.  Continue Reading ...

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    The Major Difference Between Working in Film & TV

    While similar, working in film and in TV are not the same! Whether your experience has been mostly in one category and you're considering a role in the other, or if you are new to acting and wondering if you should set your sights on film or television, there is a major difference you need to know.  Continue Reading ...

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    Why Every Actor Needs a Healthy Morning Routine

    As an actor, you have a lot of stuff on your to-do list. Between classes, auditions, mailings, bookings, job, and life you may find it hard to carve out any time to take care of yourself. But the truth is that your body, mind, and emotional health make up your instrument. To take care of your instrument, a self-care practice is a must!  One of the best ways to make sure you get in some “me time” every day is to set up a healthy morning routine.  Continue Reading ...

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    Accountability Partners: What They Are + Why All Actors Need One

    For all of the awesome, collaborative aspects of the acting profession, being an actor can most often feel like a solitary pursuit. If you’re like a lot of actors, this freedom is a double-edged sword. Perhaps you put off making decisions or following through and find your career stagnating with the same decisions still not made and the same tasks left undone months later.

    The good news is you don’t have to go it alone...  Continue Reading ...

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    7 Steps You Can Take Now to Make 2018 Your Year

    The holiday season is here and in between the shopping, celebrating, and gift wrapping, this is the perfect time to harness all the excitement you feel for the new year. But how do you turn that excitement into an actor game plan so you can take control of your career?  Continue Reading ...

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