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    Home Studio Set Up - Some A’s to your Q’s

    After our recent #AskAnExpert series on Reels, I received a reader question I wanted to share: What's the average cost of a home studio set up? What editing tools are available for free to create a rough draft of what I want to cut down on the time a reel editor will take to modify my work? To get...  Continue Reading ...

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    Reel Refresh!

    You need a reel, whether your niche is as a commercial actor, voiceover talent, or anything in between! As a new actor, it's almost inevitable that you're scrambling to gather enough footage (and there's nothing wrong with some DIY, as long as you do it right) and find that your focus is on more, more, more. Although it may never feel like it at the time, there will come a day when you've gotta shed the "Collect ALL the Work!" mindset and...  Continue Reading ...

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    How Much Footage Do You Need for a Reel?

    What if your acting career still has the new car smell? What if you’re a veteran in the industry with many of years of work but are still working toward that breakout role? Creating your own work is much more accessible now, but you need to do it the right away.  Continue Reading ...

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    Classic Mistakes Actors Make When Creating Their Reels

    It's easier to critique than it is to create. This phrase recently inspired me—which is why you may recognize it from Instagram! While at that time I had another interpretation in mind (that all-so-important thick skin actors need), the sentence hit me on the side of the head again today as I reflect on actor reels...  Continue Reading ...

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    The Basic Elements of a Kick-Ass Actor Reel

    Attention spans are arguably at an all-time low. It's soooo easy to swipe, scroll, click away from one thing and onto the next shiny object. We all do it, which is why it's so important you keep that from happening with your actor reel.  Continue Reading ...

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