Happy Clients

Actor-Webs is the way to go

"I've always been one to do my website myself but decided to entrust my site to the amazing folks at Actor-Webs. That was the best decision I ever made! My website is absolutely INCREDIBLE - I now have a gorgeous custom site that fully encapsulates me! The built-in updating system is far superior to Wordpress or any other do-it-yourself software. Actor-Webs is the way to go if you want a site that looks like money with the ease of updating anytime anywhere."
- Jodie Bentley

Digital sculptor of the 21st Century!

"Amy Russ is the premiere web designer, providing guidance into your website that's invaluable. As a fellow actress Amy understands the importance of conveying excellence for artistic clients.  Russ is the digital sculptor of the 21st Century!"
- Kahlid Elijah Tapia

Taking my career to a whole new level

"I am so proud of this website and am enthusiastic about directing EVERYONE to it. It's clear, clean, brand centric and encapsulates me as a person and a performer. It not only looks great and is easy to navigate, but miracles of miracles, I have learned how to do the updates myself! Which saves time and is actually really straight forward and simple. And it's working - I'm seeing results right away with more bookings and positive feedback, taking my career to a whole new level. Amy listened to all my requests and made magic happen. She is professional, creative, quick, patient and a Wonder Woman!"
- Marnie Baumer

I couldn't be happier with my website!

"I researched many other options while considering taking this step, but I found none of them as qualified and affordable as ActorWebs!! Amy is knowledgeable, passionate and multi-talented. I couldn't be happier with my website!"
- Karl Maschek

So easy to use

Amy Blackman"Amy was able to take my ideas and translate them into the perfect website for me. On top of that, the program to update and change my website is so easy to use - I didn't even read or watch any directions, I just instinctively knew what to do. And that's coming from a technologically challenged actor!"
- Amy Blackman


Helped me to get ahead of the pack

Harry Chambarry"Amy took my ideas along with what she knew would be the best way to express them. She brought them online in a way that's makes it easy for anyone to use, with a unique and professional appearance. The site Amy developed for me is easy to access, and even easier for me to update. In today's digital world, Amy helped me to get ahead of the pack with my web site; positioning me in a very positive and creative way."
- Harry Chambarry


I love ActorWebs

Amanda Bilger"I love ActorWebs so much. Thanks Amy for all your kick-ass help and guidance. You've changed my life in a huge way!!!"
- Amanda Bilger

Updating is easy and user-friendly

Kate Greer"ActorWebs is truly home for worry-free actor websites! I am so thrilled with my website and always receive compliments on it. Amy has a terrific design aesthetic, so my site looks professional and current. I am constantly on the go with acting work, auditions and life in general, so having Actorwebs in my corner, saves me a ton of time --updating is easy and user-friendly. I highly recommend Amy and ActorWebs."
- Kate Greer

Literally got me an audition within a week and a half of going live.

Michael C. O'Day"I am a writer and playwright with the tech skills of a turnip. When the time came to put together a professional website, I needed something that could weave all my disparate professional threads into a cohesive whole but was still something I could actually use. Amy put together an amazing website after consulting with me. It's gorgeous, easy to navigate, lets me blog and update easily, and literally got me an audition within a week and a half of going live. I could not be happier with it."
- Michael C. O'Day

I am thrilled with my website!

Ali McLennan"Embarking on a career path with no rule book or mentor for inspiration is overwhelming. Amy so calmly and effortlessly displayed not only my strengths and experiences, but created a "brand" and a direction for my future. People look at my site and know what I do. I look at my website and finally, know what I need to get done. Thanks, ActorWebs!"
- Ali McLennan

I never realized how good I had it at ActorWebs until I left ...

Perry Ojeda"Trying to manage all the details of designing, building and maintaining my own site became a time-consuming burden... I want to spend my time getting ready for auditions and for gigs; not managing a homepage! ActorWebs makes it easy for me. I can promote myself as an actor with the latest updates in my career in a high quality, well designed and easy-to-navigate site. It keeps things simple for me and I get the saving in both time and money!" - Perry Ojeda, Actor, Writer, Producer

There isn’t any one else on the planet I’d trust more...

Vince Bandille"The idea of needing a web site scared me half to death. How in the world could I ever get a web site that could accurately represent me, and one I could feel proud to pass on to agents, and casting directors. Luckily, I found ActorWebs. I never felt more at ease. In Amy’s expert hands, I knew instantly that I could make the shift into this new world of all things on line. My site has given me greater opportunities, and every casting director I’ve worked with has always given it high praise. There isn’t any one else on the planet I’d trust more than Amy Russ of ActorWebs to be the one in charge of designing and maintaining my web site. She is absolutely the best!"
- Vince Bandille

A Sixth Sense

Patricia Angelin"I went through three website designers: they didn't 'get' me. Amy seems to have a sixth-sense for 'reading' a client. She can translate your uniqueness into a website that'll put you out there as the best you. Check out the two wildly different sites Actor-Webs has done for me (PatriciaAngelin.com, AlbaTechniqueNY.com) - it'll tell you all you need to know. Contact Amy. Just do it." - Patricia Angelin, Actor, Acting Coach, Acting Teacher

Brought my website into the new century

Valerie Adami"The Amy and ActorWebs team brought my website into the new century. They delivered exactly what I wanted in precisely the time they promised. And they did it all with cheerful, supportive style." - Valerie Adami, Dir. Weist-Barron Acting for Film & TV

Unbelievably easy

James Looram"Could not have found a better web site provider. Amy is smart, quick and cooperative. She 'got' my business immediately and provided me with a clear and compelling web design within a week. Extremely helpful in teaching me how to navigate around what is an unbelievably easy site to edit at will. Questions are answered immediately. Look no further." - James Looram Ph.D., President Looram & Associates. LLC

Simply the best!

Jocelyn O'Neil"Incredibly professional service, actor-friendly rates, and a clear, concise, beautifully crafted website. I recommend Actor-Webs to anyone I meet in the industry. They are simply the best web company I have worked with - period." - Jocelyn O'Neil, Filmmaker, Screenwriter, Actor

I love Actor-Webs!

Jaye Maynard"Actor-Webs has helped me grow and develop my website at a pace with my career. Initially with my acting website and now with a site from my cabaret show Bird Amongst the Blossom that I can update myself! I never feel overwhelmed and I'm always well taken care of in an ever-changing market and climate." - Jaye Maynard, Actor, Singer, Producer

A specialist in creative problem-solving

Jodie McClintock"Amy and ActorWebs enable artists at any stage in their career to maintain a presence on the web that not only reflects a personal sense of style but opens their potential to a wider audience. And because Amy is a working actor herself, she understands my needs and the trends in our business and can respond to all of them with imagination and artistry. I cannot recommend ActorWebs highly enough." - Jodie Lynn McClintock, Actor, Acting Coach

Our site is fabulous!

W S Fultz"Amy Russ and Actor-Webs captured our vision for the website perfectly! The process was simple and our site is fabulous! We highly recommend their services!" - W S Fultz, Writing Team

Thanks, ActorWebs!

Damian Muziani"My ActorWebs website was the deal-closer for my getting signed to a leading talent agency." - Damian Muziani, Actor

So happy I took the plunge!

Jeannine Moore"ActorWebs put the pieces of my career together, so that it's a clear record of what I have done and can do. My website gives me the ability to present my accomplishments to agents, casting directors, and people in the industry - it's all there for them to view on my website. ActorWebs covers all areas of owning my own site with no loose ends - at a very reasonable cost! I'm so happy that I took the plunge and decided to let ActorWebs organize all that I've accomplished in my career." - Jeannine Moore, Actor

The best websites I've ever seen.

Craig Zucchero"Just check out my site and you'll see how wonderfully it is laid out. Amy Russ, who owns and maintains the company is amazing. She is always very friendly, and enormously helpful whenever you need help! And she really knows the pulse of the industry and what people are looking for!" - Craig Zucchero, Actor

I love my site!

Lauren Buglioli"I feel very fortunate to have been introduced to Amy at Actor Webs. She delivered exactly what I was looking for and is such a pleasure to work with. I could not recommend her highly enough! She effortlessly and swiftly created the website I envisioned and that I am proud of. I couldn't have asked for more! Thank you, Amy!" - Lauren Buglioli, Actor

What took me so long?

Marina Barry"I tried to do my own website but never got far and when I met Amy at Actor-Webs I knew I hit gold. She made every step easeful and listened to me to find out who I was. My website really speaks in my voice. I've gotten so many compliments and people say it's very easy to navigate which is important. Plus now I have a place to "store" everything. When I do a show, send Amy photos, or my blog, things go up quickly and I feel like I'm current. Amy is available and knows her stuff because she's one of us! I could not be happier and recommend Amy and Actor-Webs to all my friends."
- Marina Barry

You are so quick!

Marian Massaro"I was sort of dumbfounded when I had to accept payments from voiceover clients directly when working out of my home. And now, thanks to ActorWebs, I have a professional online payment system all set up on my website!" - Marian Massaro, Voiceover Artist

An actor's dream come true!

Charlotte Patton"I put off getting my website for a year and a half because I had no idea what to do, and then I found Actor-Webs.com. They got me up and running in a week. It was totally painless and I am very pleased with the result." - Charlotte Patton, Actor

Nothing but great feedback on my website.

Zoltan L. Nagy"I’m pretty technologically literate. I’ve built and designed websites previously so I could have just built one myself using some off the shelf template. But now that I’m beyond the “beginner” stage, I really wanted to have an expert design a website specifically tailored to my brand. One that will help me get to the next level. And that’s exactly what Amy did. She really took the time to get to know where I am in my career and where I’m trying to go. She asked a lot of good questions and provided a lot of good advice. She doesn’t just churn out a “one size fits all actor website template” – it’s all highly personalized. Amy’s turnaround time was fast and I absolutely loved the design. The software she uses makes it very easy for me to make updates. I’ve received nothing but great feedback on my website. I would highly recommend ActorWebs."
- Zoltan L. Nagy

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