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    Your Actor TLC Guide

    It’s nearly Valentine’s Day so whether you have a significant other or not, this is a great time to show some love and appreciation for your friends, family, colleagues, and most importantly . . . yourself. Between auditions, waiting to hear if you got that callback...  Continue Reading ...

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    Got An Audition? Put A Jake On It

    Do you watch Scandal? If not, you should. And you’re lucky. Lucky because you can binge on all 6 seasons of one of the juiciest, sexiest, and most gorgeous shows out there, ALL.AT.ONCE. Sigh. I’m not just talking about Jake Ballard. Okay fine, I am. Because he’s...  Continue Reading ...

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    A Peek at My Headshot Prep List

    Since last week’s post was all about headshots, including awesome tips and tricks from a casting director and a top photographer (click here if you missed it), I thought I’d share some insights from my own latest actor headshot session - just over a week ago - with the awesome Lauren Toub.   Continue Reading ...

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    Your Actor Headshot Guide

    We’re all about the photos: as an actor, they’re a critical component of your online presence and cast-ability. Is a brand-spanking new headshot one of your resolutions this year?  Continue Reading ...

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    The Major Difference Between Working in Film & TV

    While similar, working in film and in TV are not the same! Whether your experience has been mostly in one category and you're considering a role in the other, or if you are new to acting and wondering if you should set your sights on film or television, there is a major difference you need to know.  Continue Reading ...

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