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    I’m on Social Media - Do I Need a Website?

    If you've been following along the past six weeks, you understand the important role social media can play in your acting career. Now you might be wondering whether you need a website as well, and how do all of these pieces of the puzzle work together?  Continue Reading ...

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    Can An Actor Get Cast from Social Media?

    You’re tweeting/posting/commenting like a boss and getting into a groove with your social media. Well, sort of. Maybe you’re stuck in the gap between “this is a lot of work!” and “this is a lot of fun!” and wondering... can this whole #BeSocialMediaSavvy stuff really impact your career in a tangible way?  Continue Reading ...

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    Should Actors Reach Out to Casting on Social Media?

    Social media can make Casting Directors and other gate keepers more accessible than ever, but it’s natural to wonder if that's a double-edged sword. How do you handle the new accessibility in a strategic (and positive) way for your career - without stepping on any toes?Thankfully, I’m back with social media superhero Heidi Dean to discuss the three things to ALWAYS think about before you reach out, which kind of platforms better lend themselves to this interaction, and more. ...  Continue Reading ...

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    The “F-Word” of Social Media Posts: Frequency

    Let’s get right to the point. We're diving into the Collective Obsession over how often and when to post on social media. And truly, all of us who use social for our careers fall into this rabbit hole at one point or another - especially with the new and ever-evolving platform algorithms.   Continue Reading ...

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    What to Post on Social Media for Your #Actorslife

    “Social media is amazing for your acting career!”

    *Internal voice: I hate selfies. I don’t book enough work yet. I don’t do “Cool Actor” things. Do I have to take pictures of my plate at dinner now?*

    What’s an actor to do?  Continue Reading ...

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