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    2 Tips for Dealing With Your Jealousy of Other Actors

    Do you find yourself getting jealous of your acting peers who are booking gigs? Even if you are getting jobs, you can't help but notice the "bigger" or "better" jobs others are nabbing.  Continue Reading ...

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    Why You Should Know What You Want as an Actor

    It’s easy as an actor to want to do it all—theater, film, TV, cruise ships, commercials! But in the long run, that often isn’t sustainable. The benefits of clarifying and focusing on your goals help you keep working at a steady pace without burning yourself out. Help yourself work smarter  Continue Reading ...

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    Moving to NYC for Your Acting Career? Avoid These 6 Mistakes

    You might feel nervous about making some rookie mistakes. It’s understandable—you want to avoid as many missteps as possible so you can enjoy the city and hit the ground running to move your career forward as quickly as possible. I’ve noticed some common slip-ups that NYC newbies often make. Since we actors are truly part of one big tribe, why not learn from your predecessors so you don’t have to make the same gaffes?  Continue Reading ...

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    When to Move to NYC or LA

    When should an actor move to a bigger market like New York or Los Angeles? Melanie Forchetti, a producer, writer, and the head casting director at Mike Lemon Casting, gives her advice. Wherever you live, you'll appreciate these insights.  Continue Reading ...

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    The Importance of a Great Actor Headshot

    How important is your headshot? Melanie Forchetti breaks it down with specific notes on which headshot to use and when, what to look for in your headshot photographer, and more.  Continue Reading ...

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