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    Your Actor Reel: What’s the Point?

    Operation "Get Cast" underway? To help you get your package together, it's important to understand the role of the reel. We turned to Kristina Latour, who's considered the industry's demo reel expert for actors and knows what performs best for the decision-makers who will get you booked.  Continue Reading ...

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    How to Get the Best Reputation on Broadway

    This week, I'm pleased to share a guest blog from my friend, Bret Shuford. Bret has dedicated his life to creating theatre. Most recently, he played Robbie in Cirque Du Soleil’s Paramour.  Other credits include other Broadway shows, national tours, and principal roles in feature films; including Martin Scorsese's The Wolf Of Wall Street.   Continue Reading ...

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    You Booked Your First VO - Now What?

    Y o u d i d i t ! You booked your first VO job. When you’re ready to prepare, you’ll want to have a sense of what to expect so you can feel calm, collected, and carrying yourself like a seasoned professional. To help, here's a sneak peek of what happens behind those doors (or screens, if you’re submitting digitally).  Continue Reading ...

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    Do You Need a VO Reel to Book VO Work?

    It’s a chicken:egg paradox. Do I need a reel to book work? Do I need a body of work to create a reel? As you get started in the VO world, you might be tempted to run out and create a reel for day one - but that’s not always a good idea.  Continue Reading ...

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    What to Expect at a Voiceover Audition

    You’ve taken classes, done your research, reflected on which piece of the VO pie you’d like to start on, and even reached out to your existing agent about representation for voiceover jobs. I’m so proud! Now, at some point, it’s time to get out of preparation mode and get to “doing” it. And that means it’s time to audition. Depending on the kind of job...  Continue Reading ...

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