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    The Résumé Mistake You Should Never Make

    If you’re like a lot of actors, the special skills section on your resume can seem a little...silly. I mean, what the heck are you supposed to list there? I’ve looked at a lot of actor resumes and many fill this section out in one of two ways: some barely include anything at all, while others go all out or even exaggerate what they can do. It can get even more ambiguous when you attempt to submit to online resume databases a lot of agents use.  Continue Reading ...

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    1 Quality That Every Survival Job Needs

    What makes a perfect “survival job,” you ask? It can be tricky! Let's talk about what makes a survival job, why it’s essential to many working actors’ livelihoods and careers, and one characteristic it absolutely must have if you want to be set up for success.  Continue Reading ...

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    Learn Lines Like a Boss

    As an actor, being able to learn lines quickly is one skill you cannot be without. For some, it seems to come easily. For the rest of us, learning ten pages of sides your agent just sent you for a huge callback tomorrow morning might make you a tad nervous.  Continue Reading ...

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    How to Handle Yourself On a Film Set in 5 Easy Steps

    Whether you’re there to film a movie or a TV show, being on set for the first time can be an intimidating experience—especially if you don’t know what to expect. Luckily, I have some awesome advice on how to carry yourself through your first day on set and how to get the most out of this brand new adventure!  Continue Reading ...

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    5 Steps + Resources for the DIY Actor Website

    If you’re an actor, you probably already know that a website is the superhero of marketing tools. If you’re a thrifty actor, you may have decided to go the DIY route and are wondering where to start and what resources are available to you. Never fear! I’ve put together a list of five steps and resources to...  Continue Reading ...

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