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    What to Expect at a Voiceover Audition

    You’ve taken classes, done your research, reflected on which piece of the VO pie you’d like to start on, and even reached out to your existing agent about representation for voiceover jobs. I’m so proud! Now, at some point, it’s time to get out of preparation mode and get to “doing” it. And that means it’s time to audition. Depending on the kind of job...  Continue Reading ...

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    Do you Need a Separate Agent for your Voiceover Career?

    A common question for any format of acting, and that includes voiceover, is around the need for representation. And VO has its own set of answers! When do you need an agent? What if you already have traditional representation? In which cases can you serve as your own? And why might these answers vary depending on where you live?  Continue Reading ...

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    What are the Different Types of Voiceover Gigs?

    This week, we’re talking about the different kinds of voiceover work. You know what? There’s way more out there than just animation. Although animation is pretty awesome, this means there are a lot more VO jobs than you may initially think. And some of these areas can also be quite fun and lucrative, too.  Continue Reading ...

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    Do You Need to Take Class to be a Voiceover Artist?

    Spoiler alert: you do need to take classes. But I want you to understand why it's important to acquire certain skills before your first voiceover audition. Upfront training as well as other investments, like equipment, will help you enter the VO world with confidence and professionalism. And you'll have the benefit of...  Continue Reading ...

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    3 Steps to Take Now to Start your Voiceover Career

    Greetings, aspiring Voiceover Champions of the World! Now that we’ve established the necessary groundwork for starting a VO career, it’s time to get to “doing” — and with Elise’s guidance, you’ll learn three steps that you can get started on immediately. That’s fast, even by NYC standards. What’s better than some instant gratification?  Continue Reading ...

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