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    Got An Audition? Put A Jake On It

    Do you watch Scandal? If not, you should. And you’re lucky. Lucky because you can binge on all 6 seasons of one of the juiciest, sexiest, and most gorgeous shows out there, ALL.AT.ONCE. Sigh. I’m not just talking about Jake Ballard. Okay fine, I am. Because he’s...  Continue Reading ...

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    A Peek at My Headshot Prep List

    Since last week’s post was all about headshots, including awesome tips and tricks from a casting director and a top photographer (click here if you missed it), I thought I’d share some insights from my own latest actor headshot session - just over a week ago - with the awesome Lauren Toub.   Continue Reading ...

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    Your Actor Headshot Guide

    We’re all about the photos: as an actor, they’re a critical component of your online presence and cast-ability. Is a brand-spanking new headshot one of your resolutions this year?  Continue Reading ...

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    The Major Difference Between Working in Film & TV

    While similar, working in film and in TV are not the same! Whether your experience has been mostly in one category and you're considering a role in the other, or if you are new to acting and wondering if you should set your sights on film or television, there is a major difference you need to know.  Continue Reading ...

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    Why Every Actor Needs a Healthy Morning Routine

    As an actor, you have a lot of stuff on your to-do list. Between classes, auditions, mailings, bookings, job, and life you may find it hard to carve out any time to take care of yourself. But the truth is that your body, mind, and emotional health make up your instrument. To take care of your instrument, a self-care practice is a must!  One of the best ways to make sure you get in some “me time” every day is to set up a healthy morning routine.  Continue Reading ...

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