• Don't Make This Mistake On Your Website!

    ActorWebs - Don't Make This Mistake On Your Website

    Let me start this post with a question. When you type something (like your bio or a website update) do you end your sentences with one space or two? If you answered one you get a gold star and don’t have to read the rest of this post - go get some chocolate or something! If you answered two, then I strongly suggest you keep reading - it could be a matter of life or death. Okay, not really, but I do think it’s pretty important!  Continue Reading ...

  • My Domain Name is Taken! What Do I Do?

    ActorWebs - My Domain Name Is Taken - What Do I Do?

    Does this sound familiar? You’re ready to take control of your online marketing and get yourself a kick-ass actor website. You try to register your domain name, and horror of horrors, SOMEONE ELSE HAS ALREADY NABBED IT!

    Don’t panic - you have several options! Here are the 5 suggestions I give to my own clients when faced with this dilemma:  Continue Reading ...

  • 4 Ways to Beat the Post-Pilot Season Blues

    ActorWebs - 4 Ways to Beat the Post-Pilot Season Blues

    Ah, pilot season. I know from experience that this time of year starts out with such hope and promise. Then it seems to go one of two ways... you’re either super busy going out on auditions, or super anxious wondering why you’re not going out on auditions. Then, suddenly it’s all over until next year leaving some of us with a little “Pilot Season Hangover”.

    Are you feeling a little let down this year? Here are four suggestions I’ve used to beat those blues:  Continue Reading ...

  • Boost Your Google-ability

    ActorWebs - Boost Your Google-Ability?

    Let’s face it. We live in a fast-paced, online world. How many times a day do you Google something or someone? It’s a safe bet that if you and 3 other fabulous actors are up up for the same role, the producer or casting director will be Googling all of you. What will they find? What kind of impression will you make? The good news is, you CAN take control over how you’re perceived online!

    Here are three ways to create an impressive Google-able online footprint, giving you an edge over the competition.  Continue Reading ...

  • 7 Signs Your Website Is Obsolete


    Your actor website - it’s your online calling card. You want it to reflect your personality and professionalism, keep folks posted about your gigs, and showcase your body of work. But if your site looks dated or obsolete, visitors might assume the same about you - not the look you’re going for!

    In this week's tip, I'll show you how to determine if your site needs a refresh.  Continue Reading ...

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