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    4 Free Tools Every Actor Should Use

    Who doesn't love free stuff? I know I do - especially when the free stuff is super-useful and makes my life easier!

    I’ve put together this list of free online tools every actor should know about. Check them out and let me know what you think!  Continue Reading ...

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    4 Ways To Calm Your Audition Nerves

    You can’t be a successful actor unless you’ve auditioned. And if you’re lucky, you’ll get to audition a lot! And if you’re really lucky, you’ll discover how to conquer your audition fears so that each audition is a joy, and not something to get all worked up about.

    Here are 4 strategies I've used to calm my own audition nerves:  Continue Reading ...

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    Use Your Website & Blog to Create Actor Opportunities

    Allison Volk is The Blog Babe: she helps her clients be seen, be heard and be found online. Allison is also an actress and writer based in Los Angeles, CA. Connect with Allison on Twitter at @allisonvolk or Facebook at More information at  Continue Reading ...

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    Why Less Really Is More

    Have you ever been to a NYC diner? The kind with the menu as long as a phone book? I’m talking pages and pages of yummy food to choose from... Kinda overwhelming, isn’t it?

    Well, the same can be said of too many photos or too much information on your actor website. In my experience, there's a lot that goes into crafting a site, but one of the most important steps is the fine art of editing. Knowing what materials to utilize, and what to leave at home can be game-changing.  Continue Reading ...

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    Is Your Headshot Getting Seen By Agents?

    So... you researched your photographer, did your homework and prepared for your shoot, used natural light, and ended up with a kick-ass headshot. But, is your awesome new headshot getting seen by agents?

    In today's post, Guest Expert Mark Bennington shares his tip for getting an agent's eyes on your new headshot. Watch the video below to get the scoop!  Continue Reading ...

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