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    What You Need to Know Before Starting a Voiceover Career

    One of the best parts of creating an #AskAnExpert series for the AW community is the chance to come away from it knowing (way) more than I did before, and this new series is chock full of those kinds of lessons. Despite my many years as a professional actor, the voiceover area is one that I just didn’t know much about. And VO is hot right now!  Continue Reading ...

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    Spring Cleaning Quick Tip - Detail Your Website

    Your actor website is the superhero of marketing tools. But even superheroes need some occasional TLC. It’s worth remembering that out of all of the components of your online presence, you have full and active control over your website, and you should give it an occasional deep dive to verify it’s exactly at its best (and thereby painting you in your best light!).  Continue Reading ...

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    Spring Cleaning Tip - Protect Your Reputation

    As actors, we have a certain amount of information available online so it’s accessible to those who need it. It’s (hopefully!) a no-brainer that you keep a close eye on your website, social media, IMdB, etc. That being said, the internet is a big place and it’s important to check whether your likeness or information is being utilized elsewhere in an uncouth or inappropriate manner.  Continue Reading ...

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    Spring Cleaning Quick Tip - Work Those Photos

    Before we get started... I was curious about the original meaning of May Day, which is today. According to Wikipedia, “Dances, singing, and cake are usually part of the festivities.” Those happen to be three of my favorite things! I fully support you doing all three today. Especially if you share the footage to @ActorWebs! Now back to business. If the new season means a new you in the form of new actor headshots...  Continue Reading ...

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    Spring Cleaning Quick Tip - Link Hygiene

    We’ve nearly made it through April (and pilot season)! To celebrate, I’m kicking off a new series to help you spring clean your online presence so it’s spick-n-span before your next audition.  Continue Reading ...

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