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    Why Rejection Doesn’t Mean You’re Not Talented

    To be a working actor, you must make friends with rejection. The fact is, you’re simply not going to get every part you audition for. But a lot of the time, it has nothing to do with your talent. No one is “right” for every role they audition for and there are many reasons one actor may get the offer over another. Audititions, and therefore rejection, are a huge part of an actor's job. Here's some advice on how to handle hearing that oft-dreaded word “no.”  Continue Reading ...

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    Do Actors Need Different Headshots for Different Mediums?

    This question often arises: Do actors need one headshot for theater auditions, one for film, one for commercials, and one for TV?  Continue Reading ...

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    Can I Take Vacation As an Actor?

    Maybe you can relate: You plan a vacation and as soon as you pay for your flight, auditions start coming in that you now won’t be able to go on. It’s uncanny how this always seems to be the case, isn’t it? Now that you’ve booked your non-refundable flight, fear sets in that you’re missing out on opportunities, and what if THAT audition was THE audition that was going to ignite your career?  Continue Reading ...

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    The Post-Audition Checklist Every Actor Needs

    Auditioning is a huge part of an actor’s job but sometimes it can be difficult to let go when you leave the casting office, especially if it was for a job you really wanted to book.

    So how are you supposed to let go of something you spent so much time and effort preparing for?  Continue Reading ...

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    #WebPresence Series with Elise Arsenault, Part 5: How to Choose Website Colors

    Two colors and an actor walk into a bar… er, website. What happens next? It all depends on the choices you make.

    There is a lot of meaning in color, especially when selecting them for your actor website. Join me to learn how many and what kind of colors to choose (and how), as well as symbolism and other considerations to make (and why).  Continue Reading ...

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