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  • 5 Tips for a Great Audition

    I'm super excited to continue my #AskAnExpert series with the awesome producer, writer, and casting director, Melanie Forchetti! Melanie is currently the head casting director at Mike Lemon Casting, and is producing two feature films and a TV show. I sat down with her to get some tips for a great audition.

    Watch the video to get her 5 top tips!  Read More...

  • How to Prioritize as a New Actor

    How do you prioritize what to do as a new actor? —Lauren S., Washington

    Anyone new to acting is undoubtedly excited to launch their career. But to avoid frustration and spending a lot without tangible results, you need to prioritize how to spend your time and money. There are four steps to make the best use of your resources for the long haul.  Read More...

  • Is Your Headshot Getting Seen By Agents?

    So... you researched your photographer, did your homework and prepared for your shoot, used natural light, and ended up with a kick-ass headshot. But, is your awesome new headshot getting seen by agents?

    In today's post, Guest Expert Mark Bennington shares his tip for getting an agent's eyes on your new headshot. Watch the video below to get the scoop!  Read More...

  • Do You Look Like Your Headshot?

    It is super important that you look like your headshot when you walk into a casting office. In today's post, Guest Expert Mark Bennington shares which type of lighting is the best for looking like the real you... On a good day, of course! ;)

    Watch the video to find out! 

  • How To Choose A Headshot Photographer

    My #AskAnExpert Guest Expert Mark Bennington is back this week with some great tips on how to choose a headshot photographer.

    Watch the video below to get the scoop! 

  • How To Prep For Your Headshot Session

    ActorWeb Blog - How To Prep For Your Headshot Session

    I'm back with the super-talented headshot photographer, Mark Bennington. If you missed it, last week Mark talked about what makes a great headshot. Today, I wanted to ask him a question that used to drive me a little cuckoo, and maybe you can relate: How should I prepare for my headshot session?

    Watch the video below to find out his advice:  Read More...

  • 3 Tips For A Great Headshot

    I'm so excited to kick off my very first #AskAnExpert series with the super-talented photographer, Mark Bennington. Mark has been recognized by Backstage as one of the top ten headshot photographers in the entire country, so I wanted to sit down with him to get the scoop on what makes a great headshot.

    Watch the video to get his 3 tips! 

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