About The Team

Suzie Hollander

Suzie, Co-Founder & Troubleshooter

Suzie not only helped me get Actor-Webs off the ground, she continues to be an integral part of the company. From troubleshooting code to making client updates, she is tireless, fearless and gets the job done. She is also a fierce audio engineer and her fondest wish is a time machine so she could record the artists from Motown's Golden Age.

Michael MassenMichael, Graphic & Web Designer/Developer

The newest addition to the team, Michael is a talented artist not only in graphic design, but also sculpting and painting. He is a recently published author, literally writing the book on "Drawing the Clothed Figure". He also does a killer Neil Young impression.

SammySammy, Guard Cat

Sammy is actually the guard cat, jester, and accidental email sender rolled into one. He is best known for his love of playtime and surveying his domain from the top of his tree. He also has a teeny tiny meow, but he'd rather not discuss it.

RozieRozie, Bossypants

Rozie makes sure the office runs on a tight schedule and that we are on time for meals, treats, and regular bellyrubs. She is a great conversationalist and enjoys birdwatching, fly-catching and box-sitting in her spare time.