About Me

Hi there! I'm Amy Russ and I've been bringing actor websites to life for over a decade because I'm on a mission to help even the most techno-challenged artists get a slammin' website that's easy on the eyes, easy on the bank account.

I'm also an actor. I've been working in TV, film, and theatre since I was 14. Today, I'm still in the thick of it and I know what's required for an actor to compete in the ever-changing world of online promotion and social media.

In 2002, I created my very first website (all coded by hand!) for my own acting career. As soon as my actor friends saw it, they immediately wanted me to design sites for them.

As it turns out, I'm really good at organizing an actor’s achievements and presenting them in a pleasing way that is in harmony with that actor's individual brand and ambitions.

So I decided to use my skills and insight to help my fellow actors, regardless of where they are in their careers - newbie or seasoned pro. Because, truthfully, no one else is helping actors get online in an easy and cost-effective way.

I feel so lucky to do what I do. I love nothing more that seeing the excitement, pride and joy my fellow actors feel when they finally have a web presence they're completely proud of.

I'd love to help you, too! If you'd like an awesome website that showcases your accomplishments as well as your aspirations, I'm your gal.

Let's work together to make your website vision a reality.