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    3 Steps to Take Now to Start your Voiceover Career

    Welcome to Voiceover Camp, our latest #AskAnExpert series!Voiceover Camp is designed for those of you who are brand new to or curious about VO, transitioning to VO from another form of acting or voice career, or are still working on gaining your footing in the space. VO expert Elise Arsenault breaks down what the voiceover world is like, what to expect as you get started, the different niches within it, the equipment you need, and all the...  Continue Reading ...

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    What You Need to Know Before Starting a Voiceover Career

    One of the best parts of creating an #AskAnExpert series for the AW community is the chance to come away from it knowing (way) more than I did before, and this new series is chock full of those kinds of lessons. Despite my many years as a professional actor, the voiceover area is one that I just didn’t know much about. And VO is hot right now!  Continue Reading ...

  • New Headshot Happy Dance

    *That feeling you get when you check “Get New Headshots” off your to-do list!*

    Time to dust off my purple jumpsuit and tune up the triangle, 'cause my latest actor headshot session is done and dusted! Can I get a "Hallelujah"? 

    Ready to stretch out those hamstrings for your own post-headshot high kicks? Give yourself a leg up and check out these highlights from what I learned...  Continue Reading ...

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    A Peek at My Headshot Prep List

    Since last week’s post was all about headshots, including awesome tips and tricks from a casting director and a top photographer (click here if you missed it), I thought I’d share some insights from my own latest actor headshot session - just over a week ago - with the awesome Lauren Toub.   Continue Reading ...

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    The Major Difference Between Working in Film & TV

    While similar, working in film and in TV are not the same! Whether your experience has been mostly in one category and you're considering a role in the other, or if you are new to acting and wondering if you should set your sights on film or television, there is a major difference you need to know.  Continue Reading ...

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